Thanks, Goodreads!

I just wanted to drop a quick note here to let everyone know what a cool service Goodreads is.

I’ve been a member for years, but never really used it until I had my own new book to promote. As an author it’s a great place to find new readers, but I’m also learning to love it even more as a reader.

Their giveaway program has been fantastic for getting our book into the hands of people who never would have heard of us, and we’re thrilled with the reviews we’ve been getting.

But I’ve also tried to win a few giveaways myself, and I’ve had great luck so far. The first was Will S. Hylton’s new book Vanished, about the search for missing aircraft downed over Palau during WWII. I won it, I read it, I reviewed it … it was pretty great.

And then today I won a copy of Chaplin & Company by Mave Fellowes, which is described as being reminiscent of The Tower, The Zoo, and the Tortoise, but which sounds to me something like Penelope Fitzgerald’s Offshore. (Actually, I think what got me to read TTtZ&tT in the first place was a review comparing it to Fitzgerald.)

Anyway, those are the two things I’ve won after entering only five or six contests. Goodreads uses some sort of special secret magic to pick their winners, and I think they favor people who actually post reviews of the things they win, but who knows.

There’s some really good stuff passing through the giveaways page from both indie and traditional publishers. I would have loved to win this or this, but alas. And I’ve seen some things there that I hadn’t heard of before that I just might purchase on my own now (Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith; A True Novel by Minae Mizumura) .

If you’re not already a member, it’s worth it to sign up today. Goodreads makes winning easy!